How Being a Veteran Helped This Franchisee Find Success With Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

February 19, 2022

New Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) franchisee Jean Durham saw potential in the training and experience she had while serving as a communication strategy and operations officer in the U.S. Marine Corps for the past 22 years. One of the most respected names in the coaching industry, ILEC, the 13-unit franchise with plans to grow to 80 units in the next two years, offers a suite of award-winning training, certification and proprietary tools that allow the brand to measure the program’s ROI, making it unmatched in the industry. There was a need Durham recognized, once back in the civilian world, to use her highly developed skills of communication and leadership to guide others. Now, Durham has followed her passion to coach and support women within a mostly male-dominated film industry to achieve their career goals.

“I am beginning my transition out of the Marine Corps and recently have been certified as an Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach,” said Durham, whose areas served include New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. “It is my desire to help leaders become the absolute best versions of themselves. I want to help change the world.”

ILEC was co-founded in 2010 by award-winning executive coaching authority John Mattone and Terry Powell, a legend in the franchising industry. Powell has been franchising virtual coaching models for nearly 40 years, putting the systems and support in place to help franchisees be successful. Mattone reached out to Powell, and they were quickly aligned on the value of creating a revolutionary franchise offering for those who wanted to take control of their careers, do what they love and fill a massive gap in leadership development globally.

Discipline, leadership, teamwork, motivation and accomplishing a well-defined objective are the hallmarks of good franchise owners; however, the greatest asset to the franchising system is a veteran’s ability to follow a set of defined procedures while following a proven business model.

The training and skills developed by the members of the U.S. military service branches give veterans a strong advantage when it comes to entrepreneurship. Once veterans transition back to civilian life, they’ve acquired transferable knowledge that makes them perfect for franchise ownership. While U.S. veterans make up only 7% of the population, the percentage of franchise owners who are also veterans is double that, and 99% of franchisors believe veterans are a good fit for ownership.

Durham always had a knowledge of the franchising industry and kept the option open for her future career post-Marine Corps, citing that franchises tend to have “proven systems that work.” For this ILEC coach, she wanted the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and pursue her passions — and ILEC afforded her these opportunities.

As she was working with a transition coach at the end of her career in the Marine Corps, Durham stated that she “knew right away” that ILEC was for her after reading the brand’s purpose and mission.

ILEC co-founder Terry Powell expressed his admiration and appreciation for veterans and hopes that ILEC continues to be a business that franchisees like Durham seek out.

“In all of my many years in the franchising world, one thing has stayed constant: Veterans make great franchisees. We are thrilled to be partnering with entrepreneurs like Jean and know her past experience in the military really sets her up for great success in the executive and leadership coaching industry.”

Armed with her skills in communication strategy, Durham also has top-notch organizational skills, a thorough understanding of what it means to work successfully as a team to get a task done, impeccable work ethic and thorough knowledge of what it takes for a leader to guide a team to success.

“The Marine Corps has definitely taught me that organizational skills coupled with hard work pays off and that loyalty and teamwork are a must for the task at hand,” said Durham. “I am ready to start working with and helping people with the same drive, compassion, understanding and sense of adventure that I possess.”

Durham views her coaching clients as helping them become better versions of themselves so that they can go on to lead effectively and make a positive impact.

“There are so many ways that can happen. Coaching in general helps individuals who may be struggling and looking for ways to improve themselves,” stated Durham. “I want to help those individuals get to where they want to be.”

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