• Immersive, personalized leadership development experience leveraging IL’s coaching and content, peer learning, and deep personal introspection.
  • Team building beyond the classroom: intimate peer-to-peer and action-learning event.
  • Explore and discover your Core Purpose and translate this learning into actionable steps that ignites your full potential.
  • Discover the strength and vibrancy of your inner core and learn to translate this learning into driving greatness in your outer core (how the world sees you).
  • Map your own leadership style to the traits on the Wheel of Intelligent Leadership.
  • Take the powerful Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), to uncover the leadership traits that are working for you and against you.
  • Optional: Supplement your MLEI results with the California Psychological Inventory-260 (CPI-260) and John’s proprietary Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index-360 (STLI-360).
  • Debrief your MLEI results (as well as your CPI-260 and STLI-360 if this option is selected) in a private executive coaching debrief session with your IL Executive Coach.
  • Exit with a full Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) and roadmap for leveraging your leadership gifts and addressing your gaps.
  • Complete the immersive experience with IL’s proprietary post-retreat private coaching session and stakeholder survey, LeaderWatch, to measure your leadership improvement and debrief your survey results with your IL Coach.
  • Retreat includes pre-program assessments, coaching sessions, tools and resources, all program materials, and copy of John’s bestseller, The Intelligent Leader.


Pre-Retreat | Assessment & Executive Coaching

  • Prior to entering the retreat, all participants will take the proprietary Mattone Leadership Inventory Assessment – a powerful leadership assessment tool that builds the framework and roadmap for exploring and distinguishing the executive maturity of your “inner-core.”
  • Participants will be scheduled for a 1-hr private Executive Coaching session to debrief on the assessment results and gain an understanding of individual leadership maturity and your unique leadership footprint.

DAY 1 – Roadmap to Leadership Success

How you need to think (and act) differently towards leadership in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous) world.

Day 1 will focus on how you can become a role model of leadership, gauging your level of executive maturity, understanding the “Wheel of Intelligent Leadership” and pull it all together into your own leadership framework.

AM Session

  • Your Leadership Success Roadmap
  • Understanding Your “Inner” & “Outer Core” in More Depth

PM Session

  • Understanding the “Map of Executive Maturity”

DAY 2 – Peer Learning Activities

Learning is retained through collaborative critique and application to real-life situations.

AM Session

  • Your Leadership Story – a Peer Learning Activity
  • Understanding Your Leadership Inventory Results

PM Session

  • Building Your Predominant Traits – a Peer Learning Activity
  • Building Your Least Mature Trait -a Peer Learning Activity Homework
  • Attendees will prepare an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) using the insight gained from Day 1 of the workshop assessment results, peer learning, feedback from your IL Executive Coach, and reflection throughout the retreat.

DAY 3 – Individual Development Areas

Leadership strengths, development and action-plans are finely-tuned.

AM Session

  • ILDP Presentations and Debrief
  • ILDP Key Learnings
  • Post-retreat Accountability and Sharing with Key Stakeholders Retreat Conclusion | Presentation of Certificates

3 Months Post-Retreat: Measuring ROI and Retreat Impact Using IL’s LeaderWatch® Survey
Accountability for leadership growth and development through stakeholder involvement and feedback.

Growing Leaders.

Building Cultures.

Driving ResultsTM.