How to Remain Upright When Everything Around You Is Falling

March 7, 2023

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Overview: When things go wrong, leaders must remain upright and steer their organizations and employees through the storm. It’s a leader’s job to be resilient and maintain a positive outlook when everything around seems to come crashing down. Leadership coaching can help leaders develop their maturity and resilience.

Life can be tricky, and business leadership exposes people to more of its caprices than a non-leadership existence ever could. Leaders assume responsibilities above and beyond what regular employees do. They seek to inspire and empower others, positively impacting their lives. The potential rewards of leadership are many, but so are its challenges.

Life entails many variables for everyone. We all act as leaders for our families or ourselves. As leaders, we must all come to grips with situations where everything around us seems to collapse.

Remaining upright when everything around them is falling requires leaders to be mature and resilient. Leadership coaching recognizes maturity as a fundamental trait of successful, intelligent leaders. How can leaders achieve maturity and develop their resilience to the point that they can weather extreme setbacks? How does executive coaching help them?

Coming to Terms with Reality

The first step toward accepting reality is recognizing we have no control over certain situations. The second step is to realize we can’t avoid reality. Seeking peace by hiding from life and avoiding reality isn’t an option.

We may contribute enormously to upsetting and stressing ourselves by creating images in our minds of what life should be. Such mental exercise is a trap. Not only is it a waste of time, but it’s also why we create expectations.

Life doesn’t care about our expectations. It just happens. If we choose to resist it, we give up happiness and fulfillment for a lifetime of constant misery and strife.

Executive coaching preaches the importance of self-awareness because, through it, we can control and curb this mental and emotional war we tend to have with ourselves.

Expectations are the main obstacles to happiness and the joyful willingness to embrace change.

Remembering That Everything Is Temporary

The only constant about life is change. Nothing lasts; neither the good times nor the bad. It makes no sense to worry about the bad times as they, too, shall inevitably pass. One shouldn’t read too much into the good times either, as they’re also ephemeral.

Leaders who remain upright when everything around them falls understand change is good. Change means life gives us second chances. Nothing is ever etched in stone, and a mature, intelligent human can’t be destroyed.

The Power of Perseverance

Executive coaching cherishes the power of perseverance. Success is achieved by regular people with extraordinary perseverance. Those who refuse to give up and keep trying are bound to succeed.

In the wake of failure, taking that first step is important. Every journey begins with a single step. Once we move past the initial shock of a setback, we find it easier and easier to add more steps to that first one.

Popular wisdom says good things come to those who wait. Rather, good things come to those who keep trying and remain upright.

Understanding the Actions of Positivity and Negativity

Positivity is a powerful tool people use to their benefit. It’s at its most powerful when a situation is very dire.

Negativity, on the other hand, puts people against themselves. It takes control of their reasoning, hamstringing them when they’re most vulnerable.

Positivity makes things happen.

Acting logically and waiting for a reason to be positive is not an optimal approach to handling crises. Intelligent, mature leaders can reach into a reservoir of positive leadership references to spark positivity about their situations and options. Positivity is a strategy and not a reaction.

In life, we all deal with adversity and setbacks. Learning how to handle them is an essential skill for success and happiness. In the context of leadership, resilience and the ability to remain upright when everything around fails gain added significance.

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