Leadership Skills: Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

October 31, 2022

leadership skills

To be an effective leader, one must first identify areas for improvement, or weaknesses, that can be turned into strengths once improved upon.

In order to become better leaders, we must learn from our weaknesses. Weaknesses can be turned into strengths through leadership coaching.

At IL Movement, we coach people to discover their strengths and weaknesses as part of our leadership training processes. Our systems and tools help leaders identify their leadership gaps and create actionable plans to close them. By playing to their strengths and turning their weaknesses into strengths, leaders who know and accept their strengths and weaknesses can improve themselves to be more efficient and effective leaders.

Having weaknesses creates challenges on the one hand. Conversely, they provide opportunities for improvement.

We Can Learn from Our Weaknesses

If you treat your weaknesses as liabilities, they will frustrate you; however, you can view them as opportunities, like setbacks that help you achieve your goals. You need to adjust your actions based on what they tell you. Your attitude toward weakness and maturity will determine how well you handle improving upon these weaknesses.

A weakness can be compared to an engaged handbrake in a car. Strengths can also be viewed as gas pedals. Focusing on your strengths and stepping on the gas can help you move the vehicle forward. You can, however, send your car flying down the road if you release the handbrake while pushing the pedal.

Finding Your Weaknesses

The focus of leadership coaching is to uncover your weaknesses along with your strengths. Knowing your weaknesses will help you learn from them and improve. Being mature and humble, however, is necessary for recognizing, experiencing, and accepting your weaknesses.

The process of experiencing and accepting weaknesses is anything but straightforward. We are all programmed by nature to avoid pain and unpleasant situations, including experiencing weakness.

Clients of executive coaching professionals may be forced to face and experience their weaknesses in order to reach their goals.

What We Can Do About It

We can experience and accept our weaknesses if we are mature and capable of doing so. It is at this point that we run the risk of falling into the next trap. The danger of getting stuck and reliving our weaknesses is real.

Locating the Problem’s Roots

Most of the time, our weaknesses are a result of our beliefs. The beliefs we hold dear are difficult to dissect, challenge, or overturn because they are a part of our deepest selves. In order to change beliefs, leadership coaches ask subtle and relevant questions and co-discover the root of the problem with clients.

Analyzing Weaknesses within Leaders

It is possible that some of the weaknesses you perceive as weaknesses are actually strengths or areas to improve upon. Often, your perception is skewed by the feedback, opinions, and attitudes of others.

Shooting Down Excuses and Establishing Accountability

Dissecting all the excuses that allow your weaknesses to resurface is the final blow to your weaknesses. Make critical thinking the rule instead of shooting them down. Keeping your weaknesses in mind can prevent you from suffering from personal and professional growth.

One way to establish accountability is to invest in executive coaching and leadership training. Coaching can help you turn your weaknesses into strengths as you gain leadership maturity.

For more information on how leadership coaching can assist you with identifying and improving upon your weaknesses, contact our team of executive coaches today.

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