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greensboro executive coaching certificationExecutive coaching is a highly skilled and efficient apparatus that serves as a valuable tool for professionals, executives, CEOs, and senior-level management to bolster their effectiveness and advance their careers. The central objective of this approach is to identify and cultivate strengths while simultaneously addressing weaknesses that could hinder one’s progress. Through behavioral evaluations and interviews with colleagues and superiors, coaches obtain a comprehensive analysis of their clients’ needs, particularly when clients require assistance in assuming specific roles within their organization. Since every client and organization is distinct, executive coaches craft customized plans for each of their clients and apply effective coaching techniques to elicit their maximum potential. At IL Movement, we offer superior-quality Greensboro executive coaching certification services and we are fully committed to delivering excellence to our clients.

Our Master Coach International Certification Program by IL Movement was created by John Mattone, the foremost authority on Intelligent Leadership. Mattone designed this program to develop and establish executive coaches as change agents, assisting one leader and one organization at a time in transforming the world.

Clients seek to obtain the best possible return on their investment, and those who work with executive coaches are no exception. Our executive coaching certification program is tailored to provide invaluable insights to clients with an excellent return on investment regarding skill and career development. Our proven and effective coaching techniques are passed down to future generations of executive coaches who will guide the leaders of the future.

There are thousands of executive coaches worldwide, each coming from different experiences and backgrounds. However, the most esteemed coaches are those with industry-recognized credentials. At IL Movement, our executive coaching certification program adheres to the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) standards. The ICF has three levels of credentialing for executive coaches, with credentialing exams to be taken after fulfilling the requirements of each level.

ICF Credentialing

The first level of ICF credentialing is the Associate Certified Coach, which is where most coaches start. To become ACC certified, executive coaches must have 60 hours of coach-specific training and a minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience.

The second step, the Professional Certified Coach, demands a deeper understanding and commitment to executive coaching, with a minimum of 125 hours of coach-specific training and 500 hours of coaching experience.

The final and most prestigious level is the Master Certified Coach, reserved for individuals who have devoted themselves to mastering executive coaching. Master Certified Coaches account for less than 5% of all executive coaches, and it requires a minimum of 200 hours of coach-specific training and 2500 hours of coaching experience.

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