Charbel Zreiby - President of ILCI Middle East & Africa

Extensive experience, professional expertise, and a passion for empowering others towards success underpin Charbel’s dynamic and supportive approach to the coaching experience. Client-focused and passionate about inspiring others to become their best, he is a talented coach with outstanding skills in a broad range of areas. Charbel’s vision is to enable his team or clients with the confidence they need to stride towards a bright future of their own creation, undergoing their own unique process of transformation to discover their authentic selves.

As a business leader (& executive coach) with more than fifteen years working in a diverse environment, Charbel knows first-hand the value that a strong leader can bring to a business and to the lives of their team. It is this realisation that has shaped Charbel’s career, bringing with it an understanding of just how powerful of a pathway leadership can be in helping others to develop their capacity, gain momentum, and unlock their potential. Over the course of the years, Charbel has been recognised as a masterful leader on numerous occasions through his achievement of a variety of industry awards within the fields of Information technology and business. His experience working at a multinational level enables him to bring a global perspective to his coaching work and gives him the ability to connect with clients from different parts of the world, using a unique combination of strategies that build trust and lay the foundation for maximising success, fulfillment and productivity.

Certified as an Intelligent Leadership Master Coach and active as an International Coaching Federation member, Charbel upholds meticulous standards within his coaching practise. He enjoys saturating his spare time with learning all there is to know about leadership from a diverse range of perspectives, through extensive reading and ongoing professional development.

Using a solution focused, structured and practical approach to coaching, Charbel guides you to develop a comprehensive set of strategies that enable you to manage stress, navigate change and thrive through periods of transition. Tailoring his practise to meet your individual goals, Charbel shines a light on your blind spots by challenging limiting mindsets, recognising past obstacles and building confidence in your strengths. Through a process that supports you to overcome challenges and break down perceived barriers, Charbel will equip you with the skills you need to level up both professionally and personally, as you delve deep into leadership and explore advanced patterns of result-driven communication.

As you step into your power, establish your presence and move forward as a leader, Charbel’s partnership will be the key to maximising your performance and achieving ultimate career success.


Sandy Bassil
Managing Partner

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