Matthew Mattone - Technology Advisor

Experienced operations and technology professional and son of top ranked executive coach and leadership guru John Mattone who was the former coach to Steve Jobs. Highly experienced in Microsoft Office, CRM management, and process implementation. Worked for one of the world’s largest telecommunication call centers and managed the day to day operations and efficiencies. Partners that Matthew worked with all over the world to implement business rules for the CRM tool included but aren’t limited to Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Cable, Cox Cable, BrightHouse, AT&T, Sprint Wireless, Verizon, Frontier, and DirecTV. Matthew was able to maintain professional high quality relationships with the largest brands in the telecom space.

Matthew joined John Mattone-Global, Inc., in November, 2017, and has been responsible for process improvement, website development, website design, lead/CRM Management, and lead generation for JMG speaking, coaching projects, the Intelligent Leadership Coaching Certification, CEO Aspire Mastermind and JMG “Immersion” Retreats.

Matthew is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP™) and is Certified in Microsoft Office.

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