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Executive Coaching Certification Jacksonville

jacksonville executive coaching certification

The goal of an executive coach is to identify their clients’ strengths and weaknesses. Executive coaches administer and analyze behavioral assessments to determine what areas need to be worked on for improvement. Coaches help determine a client’s role within their organization through interviews with peers and superiors as well as direct reports.  Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and the ideal role for the client allows coaches to utilize particular coaching techniques and create a unique plan of attack. IL Movement provides proven and effective executive coaching certification in Jacksonville.

When choosing the right executive coach, it is important to find one that with qualifications that are varied and recognized within the industry. The most qualified executive coaches are usually those that have or have held leadership positions. Quality executive coaches can vary in age and academic background but the best are those that truly understand the ins-and-outs of business.

IL Movement’s Jacksonville Executive Coaching Certification Program

AT IL Movement, our Master Coach International Certification program was designed by John Mattone and our mission is to change the world by focusing on helping leaders and organizations. Our programs are focused on helping you provide the best ROI for your clients as an executive coach. Our coaching techniques are extensive, effective, and proven without the need for overly complicated theorizing or technical details. We are committed to helping executive coaches grow so they can help their clients grow.

Executive coaches that started with IL Movement and John Mattone are now working with executives, entrepreneurs, CEOS, new talent, and national corporations in various industries.

International Coaching Federation Certification Levels

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – Level 1

ACC is the first part of the executive coaching certification process. Becoming an Associate Certified Coach certifies that you are competent and knowledgeable through a few requirements:

  • A minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific training
  • Mentorship by an experienced coach
  • A minimum of 100 hours of coaching practice.
  • A style and approach to coaching that is aligned with ICF expectations
  • Passing the ICF assessment online

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – Level 2

PCC is the next level of ICF accreditation after ACC. A Professional Certified Coach is held in higher regard as it shows that a particular coach is dedicated to continued education, growth, and development. It can take some time to reach the PCC level due to the requirements:

  • 125 hours minimum of coach specific training
  • Additional Mentor Coaching with an accredited coach.
  • 500 hours minimum of coaching practice
  • A style and approach to coaching that is aligned with ICF expectations

Master Certified Coach (MCC) – Level 3

MCC is the final and most exclusive level of ICF accreditation as less than 5% of all accredited coaches are Master Certified Coaches. This is simply due to the fact that the standards are substantially higher than the previous levels. To be an MCC, a coach must undergo 200 hours of coach training, 2500 hours of coaching practice, and they must provide two recordings of actual coaching sessions to the after mentorship by another MCC coach.

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IL Movement is fully dedicated to changing the world – one leader and one organization at a time. We provide flexible payment plans for our Jacksonville executive coaching certification program. Contact us today and request a consultation for more info.