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Simply put, an executive coach’s main goal is to improve their clients’ professional and leadership skills so that they can grow, evolve, and advance in their careers. Executive coaches focus on identifying and developing strengths as well as pinpointing weaknesses that can be worked on by administering thorough behavioral assessments to their clients. These behavioral assessments are crucial for executive coaches so that they can create a unique coaching plan that is tailored to the needs of a particular client. Additionally, coaches can help to place clients in the proper roles in their organizations by interviewing their peers and managers. AT IL Movement, we are fully dedicated to providing quality executive coaching in Knoxville

When professionals and organizations seek executive coaching, it is important for them to find a coach with varied qualifications that are widely recognized within the executive coaching industry. While executive coaches can be varied in experience and background, coaches that currently hold or have held leadership positions are typically the most qualified as they have a good understanding of business workings.

IL Movement Knoxville Executive Coaching Certification Program

The Master Coach International Certification program at IL Movement was designed by the leading authority on Intelligent Leadership, John Mattone. Since day one, our mission has been to change the world by helping leaders and organizations become the best versions of themselves. Our executive coaching certification program helps you provide the measurable results and a great return on investment for your clients as an executive coach. Over the years, we’ve crafted effective and proven coaching techniques with no nonsense or extra “fluff” as we are committed to developing executive coaching so they can help their clients grow. At IL Movement, we’ve had the honor and pleasure to have certified numerous coaches that are now working with a variety of professionals, CEOS, new talent, and national corporations.

International Coaching Federation Levels

There are three levels of certification by the International Coaching Federation and there are specific requirements to reach level.

Level 1 – Associate Certified Coach

An ACC certification shows that a coach is competent and knowledgeable after meeting the following requirements:

  • 60 hours of training and mentorship by a certified executive coach
  • 100 hours minimum of coaching practice with a style that is aligned with ICF expectations.
  • Passing the online ACC assessment

Level 2 – Professional Certified Coach

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) is the next level of certification from the ICF with substantially higher requirements:

  • 125 hours of training and mentorship by a certified executive coach
  • 500 hours of coaching practice with a style that is aligned with expectations from the ICF.
  • Passing the PCC assessment

Level 3 – Master Certified Coach

The highest and most esteemed level of ICF certification is Master Certified Coach. MCCs account for less than 5% of all accredited executive coaches and this is because it requires serious commitment and dedication to growing as an executive coach:

  • 200 hours of training and mentorship
  • 2500 hours of coaching practice
  • Submission of two recordings of coaching sessions for review
  • Passing the MCC assessment

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