Los Angeles Executive Coaching Certification

Would you like to change careers? Are you interested in becoming an executive coach? It doesn’t matter if you want to gain more experience, or if you want to make a difference in people’s lives. Being an executive coach is a great choice.

los angeles executive coaching certification

Exactly what does an Executive Coach do?

An executive coach helps high-potential employees achieve their growth objectives by increasing their self-awareness, and clarifying their goals. In executive coaching (sometimes also called leadership coaching), the goal is to unlock each person’s potential so they can cope with change and meet challenging situations.

The traditional outlook on executive coaching is that it is a form of management development, but the top coaches are disruptors.

When we fine-tune our listening skills and our intuition, we are able to hear when our clients’ thinking processes are getting in the way, and we can interrupt them, hold space for them to see the problem for themselves, and then change it to something that will provide them with a better outcome.

An executive coach or a leadership coach must possess this ability through training and experience.

What is Involved with Los Angeles Executive Coaching Certification?

To someone who is new to the world of executive coaching, there are many different types of executive coaching programs, styles, methodologies, and philosophies to choose from-it can be confusing.

At IL Movement, we offer custom IL Packages for C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, Managers, High-Potential and Emerging Leaders.

As executive coaches, we assist high-potential employees to advance from competent to outstanding. Clients are assisted in improving their self-awareness, articulating their long-term aspirations and short-term objectives, and formulating a realistic plan to get from where they are to where they aspire to be. Thus, a good executive coach is capable of facilitating the realization of the client’s full potential.

Certification Programs for Executive Coaches in Los Angeles

Not all executive coaches pursue coaching certification, but many of them do. They want their names to stand out, and they want to show potential clients that they have specifically studied executive coaching and have met standards that are common in the coaching industry.

Executive coaching certification programs abound, and some of them are sponsored by prestigious educational institutions. Harvard, Northwestern, and Georgetown Universities are three examples of highly esteemed schools offering executive coaching certification. Many other coaching certification programs exist, and they run the gamut from highly respected to highly suspect.

With the worldwide web, there are, of course, a few organizations purporting to offer executive coaching certification, happy to take people’s money in exchange for a certificate of some description. People who are interested in pursuing coaching certification should look for a combination of genuine testimonials from respected coaches, length of time in the field of executive coach training, and accreditation.

Accreditation by an organization like the International Coach Federation (ICF) indicates that an executive coaching program meets certain standards of content and professionalism, and makes it more likely that a particular coaching certification will be respected as the executive coach builds clientele.

The ICF, for example, offers three types of accreditation for training programs. Their Accredited Coach Training Program designation is for all-inclusive executive coach training programs, while their Approved Coach Specific Training Hours designation is for “à la carte” training programs rather than all-inclusive ones. The ICP’s Continuing Coach Education designation is for continuing education for people who have already earned ICF credentials.

For more information on Los Angeles executive coaching certification or to learn how to become certified as an executive coach in Los Angeles or other locations around the world, please contact us today.