New York City Executive Coaching Certification

Are you interested in changing careers? Have you ever thought about becoming an executive coach? Whether you want to take on a more leadership role or you want to help people change their lives, becoming an executive coach is a great choice.

What is the Task of an Executive Coach?

As part of executive coaching, high-potential employees and executives are able to become more cognizant of themselves as well as clarify their development goals. Leadership coaching helps each person unlock their potential for navigating change or overcoming difficult challenges through direct conversation.

In this view, executive coaching is traditional, but the most effective leadership and executive coaches are disruptors.

Using our fine tuned listening skills and intuition, we develop the ability to hear when a client’s thinking is getting in the way of their success. We know how to interrupt the thought process, give the client space to see the problem, and then change it to what leads to success.

nyc executive coaching certification

What Does  Executive Coaching Certification in NYC Entail?

A newcomer to executive coaching may find it overwhelming to choose between executive coaching programs, styles, methodologies, and philosophies.

At IL Movement, we offer custom IL Packages for C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, Managers, and High-Potential and Emerging Leaders.

Programs, Benefits & References for Executive Coach Certification

An executive coach works with executives and other high-potential employees to elevate them to the level of outstanding performance. The consultants assist clients in better understanding themselves, in articulating long-term goals and shorter-term objectives, and in creating a plan for getting from where they are now to where they wish to be. Therefore, the right executive coach assists the client in unlocking his or her full potential.

NYC Executive Coach Certification Programs

Executive coaches do not all pursue coaching certification, but many do. These coaches wish to differentiate themselves from the competition and show potential clients that they have studied executive coaching specifically and have met the industry’s specific standards.

Some prestigious educational institutions sponsor certification programs for executive coaches. There are three highly-regarded schools that offer executive coaching certifications: Harvard, Northwestern, and Georgetown. There are many coaching certification programs, some of which are highly respected, while others are highly suspect.

The Internet is home to many organizations that promise certification in executive coaching, and they are happy to take people’s money in exchange for a certificate or some such. If you are interested in becoming a certified coach, be sure to look for an organization that can provide you with genuine testimonials, extensive experience, and accreditation.

With accreditation from a reputable organization such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), you are assured you’re getting a program that meets certain standards of content and professionalism, which means your coaching certification will be respected as you build a clientele.

There are three types of accreditation offered by the ICF, for example. The Accredited Coach Training Program designation represents the comprehensive executive coach training programs, whereas the Approved Coach Specific Training Hours designation represents the à la carte (as opposed to comprehensive) executive coach training programs. As part of its Continuing Coach Education designation, the ICP provides continuing education to coaches who already hold an ICF credential.

For more information on New York City executive coaching certification or to learn how to become certified as an executive coach in New York City or other locations around the world, please contact us today.