Tulsa Executive Coaching Certification

Tulsa Executive Coaching Certification

tulsa executive coaching certificationExecutive coaches are extremely resourceful commodities that individuals and organizations as a whole utilize to help teach, grow, and develop the skills of professionals for continued success. Executive coaching focuses on identifying clients’ strengths as well as areas that need to be improved on so that they can reach their full potential as a professional. To help their clients grow and improve, executive coaches will assess behavior and can help to determine roles within an organization by interviewing peers and managers. Once an executive coach identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a client, they can create a tailored plan of attack and utilize the proper coaching techniques that are best suited for a client.

The ideal executive coach is one that is versatile and well-rounded with recognized qualifications in the industry. Executive coaches can definitely vary in terms of age and academic background but the standout coaches are the ones that have some leadership experience and comprehensive knowledge about business. IL Movement is committed to providing an exceptional executive coaching certification program in Tulsa

IL Movement’s Executive Coaching Certification in Tulsa

At IL Movement, we are dedicated to our mission of changing the world, one leader and one organization at a time. We are focused on providing stellar executive coaching certification services with our Master Coach International Certification program which was designed by the leading authority on Intelligent Leadership, John Mattone. Our executive coaching certification program is extensive and was created to help executive coaches establish themselves and ultimately provide their clients with the value and ROI they are looking for. Our program doesn’t contain any overly wordy jargon or theoretical fluff that doesn’t mean much, we are simply committed to developing executive coaches so they can help their clients grow. We are proud to have worked with numerous coaches over the years that have provided exceptional executive coaching services to corporations, high-level executives, CEOS, managers, and emerging talent in various industries.

The International Coaching Federation Certification

The International Coaching Federation is the leading executive coaching organization and there are three certification levels:

Associate Certified Coach

Associate Certified Coach is the first ICF certification level and becoming an ACC certifies competency and knowledge after meeting the following requirements:

  • 60 hours of coach-specific training
  • Mentor coaching by an experienced coach
  • 100 hours of coaching experience
  • Meeting the ICF standards in a performance evaluation
  • Passing the ICF Credentialing Exam

Professional Certified Coach

Professional Certified Coach is the second ICF certification level and requires more time and dedication to growing as an executive coach:

  • 125 hours of coach-specific training
  • Additional mentor coaching
  • 500 hours minimum of coaching experience
  • Meeting ICF standards in coaching style
  • Passing the ICF Credentialing Exam

Master Certified Coach

A Master Certified Coach is the final level of ICF Credentialing and is held in the highest regard among executive coaches. Less than 5% of executive coaches have reached this level as it requires complete dedication and mastery of executive coaching:

  • 200 hours of coach-specific training
  • Additional mentor coaching
  • 2500 hours of coaching experience
  • Provide two recordings of coaching sessions and written transcripts
  • Passing the final ICF Credentialing Exam

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