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virginia beach executive coach certificationExecutive coaches play a crucial role in supporting individuals and organizations by helping professionals enhance their skills, learn and grow, and achieve sustained success. The primary objective of executive coaching is to identify clients’ strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to unlock their full potential in their respective fields. By conducting interviews with peers and managers, executive coaches thoroughly analyze behavior and organizational dynamics to determine suitable roles for their clients. Armed with an understanding of their clients’ strengths and weaknesses, executive coaches create personalized plans and employ effective coaching techniques to drive their clients toward success.

The most outstanding executive coaches possess versatility and a well-rounded skill set, along with recognized qualifications in their industry. While age and academic backgrounds may vary among executive coaches, the best ones typically boast extensive leadership experience and a profound understanding of business. At IL Movement, we are deeply committed to delivering an exceptional executive coaching certification program in Tulsa. We firmly believe that our Master Coach International Certification program, expertly crafted by John Mattone, the leading authority on Intelligent Leadership, has the potential to revolutionize leadership within organizations, one leader at a time.

Executive Coaching Certification At IL Movement

Our executive coaching certification program is comprehensive and designed to empower executive coaches to establish themselves in the field, while consistently delivering the value and return on investment expected by their clients. We have deliberately crafted a program that avoids theoretical fluff and technical jargon, focusing instead on the practical development of executive coaches, enabling them to effectively nurture the growth of their clients. Throughout the years, we have collaborated with numerous coaches who have excelled in providing exceptional executive coaching services to corporations, top-level executives, CEOs, managers, and emerging talent across diverse industries.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) stands as the leading organization in the field of executive coaching, offering three distinct certification levels.

The initial level is the Associate Certified Coach (ACC), which certifies competence and knowledge attainment upon meeting specific requirements. These requirements include completing 60 hours of coach-specific training, receiving mentor coaching from an experienced coach, gaining 100 hours of coaching experience, meeting the ICF standards in a performance evaluation, and passing the ICF credentialing exam.

The second level is the Professional Certified Coach (PCC), which demands additional time and dedication to further develop as an executive coach. This certification level involves undertaking 125 hours of coach-specific training, engaging in further mentor coaching, accumulating a minimum of 500 coaching hours, adhering to ICF standards in coaching style, and successfully passing the ICF credentialing exam.

The highest level of certification is the Master Certified Coach (MCC), which holds the utmost prestige among executive coaches. Attaining this level requires unwavering dedication and mastery of executive coaching. The MCC certification encompasses 200 hours of coach-specific training, additional mentor coaching, 2500 hours of coaching experience, submission of two coaching session recordings with written transcripts, and successfully passing the final ICF credentialing exam. It is noteworthy that less than 5% of executive coaches have achieved this remarkable level of mastery.

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