When Leaders Should Admit Their Mistakes

Overview: Admitting mistakes requires leadership vulnerability. Evolution may have programmed us to see vulnerability as a sign of weakness, but in the context of leadership, it’s a definite asset. Admitting leadership mistakes creates trust and respect, setting the foundations of...

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6 Mental Hacks for Thinking Outside the Box

Overview: Thinking outside the box is a common theme in corporate circles, yet few people bother to define the proverbial “box.” Leadership coaching can help leaders identify the walls of their boxes and change the behaviors that prevent them from...

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Regional Leaders Series – Barbara Dalle Pezze

Overview: Barbara Dalle Pezze, president of ILCI Italy, is a leadership development professional who has predicated her executive coaching on the power of diversity. Having personally experienced the positive impact of diversity, Barbara regards it as a quintessential force capable of transforming...

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