The Necessity of Outside Viewpoints in Leadership

Overview: Seeing the world through the eyes of others and considering other viewpoints is a leadership skill that requires a high level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Leaders who consider alternative perspectives make better decisions and create stronger cultures. Leadership...

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When Leaders Put Others’ Desires Above Their Own

Overview: Leadership coaching knows leaders who put others’ desires above their own are servant leaders. Servant leaders are good active listeners. They are empathic and focus on leading by example. Servant leadership boosts organizational cultures, employee job satisfaction, and retention.

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How to Become a Leader in the Shortest Time Possible

Overview: Becoming a leader requires time, experience, and emotional maturity. By proactively seeking leadership opportunities, understanding servant leadership, and enlisting the help of a coach or mentor, aspiring leaders can accelerate their development. Leadership coaching can help leaders discover their strengths and weaknesses...

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Patience: The Key to Leading Difficult People

Overview: Difficult employees can sabotage organizational performances and undermine leaders’ authority. Leadership coaching can help leaders devise ways to deal with problem employees and solutions that allow them to avoid employment termination. Management is almost always preferable to termination and replacement.   

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Leaders Always Set Long-Term Goals

Overview: Long-term goals give us purpose in life, but only if they’re meaningful and we find the strength to chase them. Having a purpose is essential for leadership success. Business coaching can help organizations evolve and succeed. Leadership coaching can help...

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